This repack is the most advanced and sophisticated World of Warcraft experience coming into creation. Enjoy the Blizzlike 3.3.5a atmosphere and content as you dive something unheard of in WoW Emulation. Whether it is the breathtaking PvP pumping your adrenaline to the max, the exhilarating fully scripted encounters giving you the finest raiding experience, or perhaps simply my professional style… This is by far the most imposing Trinity Core v2 repack in all excellence. Whilst I pursue to meet all your satisfactory needs, some content will lack due to the high development standards within the core. With a 5 seconds boot-time and not a single error whilst starting, you’ll have the maximum uptime and fastest crash recovery when running a public server. I’d like to thank all the developers working at Trinity for their hard work, and I sincerely hope you enjoy my repack as much as I do.

This repack includes: